Warwick Rowing is a large and highly active sports club with substantial ambitions. This year the club is attending over 20 competitions across the length and breadth of the country during a 40-week racing season. Whether novice or experienced, male or female, as a member of Warwick Rowing, athletes can expect to participate in a determined and enthusiastic rowing programme.

Our Senior Men and Senior Women crews are offered the opportunity to continue to compete at a high level and in fast, powerful crews. Experienced rowers at Warwick can expect several coached water sessions each week backed by a comprehensive range of other activities, such as core stability, running, cycling and ergo sessions.

The Beginners Programme , which is open to all Warwick students, offers a comprehensive introduction to the art of rowing. From as early in the academic year as January, novices are invited to demonstrate their new talent at competitions across the country.

Our rowers, who benefit from technical advice and video feedback sessions, have shown some excellent performances over the past few years at a range of competitions, from regional to national level. Every year, talented new members bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm to a club that has a rapidly growing profile, both on and off campus. The typical Warwick rower is ambitious, committed and enthusiastic. If this is you, click here to get email addresses for the executive committee members.

Rebecca Angwin