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Another Successful Year of Recruitment For Warwick Rowing

Thursday, 29th November 2012

Author: Francesca Salzano PR, Website and Sponsorship Officer

The 2012-13 season is now officially underway and this month has been packed.

Once again it is fantastic to announce that we have had another year of incredible intake into the club with novices as well as some experienced rowers.

The month started with a very busy recruitment campaign. On the weekend 29-30th of September we were on the piazza with half of our brand new Hudson on display welcoming the new students to Warwick University. A huge contingent from the club were present, handing out leaflets advertising the club and engaging in conversation with those new to the University. Thought the week we attended the Sports fair where we gained a lot of attention and many sign ups. We ran 3 taster sessions over 9 hours where people were introduced to the sport, learned a little bit of technique and had a chance to speak to some of the members of the club about their experiences.

For the first time we launched a 200m erg challenge which was aimed at introducing and encouraging people to join the sport. The ergs were on the piazza during recruitment weekend and the competition continued throughout the first week of term during our taster sessions. This was greeted with great success and people were coming back to try and improve on their scores, with members of the club eyeing up who was potential competition for the following year. We are pleased to announce that the winners of that competition are Doug Haden and Josie Lee.

By the end of Week 1 at our first club meeting we were greeted with over 200 people who had enjoyed the weeks activities and were interested in finding out more about the club.
Weeks 2 and 3 built upon the success of week one. Lara the Novice Womenís Captain and Matt the Novice Menís Captain, have worked hard along with the coaches and other members of the club to seriously introduce the sport to the novices. These two weeks have consisted of general fitness work, improving technique on the ergs and working towards a 1k challenge. During this time, water outings were arranged and the boat house saw 64 novices a day on Saturday and Sundays.

Excitingly we are very pleased to announce that the club has received another successful intake of women into the club. For the second year running womenís rowing has really taken off and itís been fantastic to see so many interested in joining the club. There is no doubt that the novice and senior women will be pulling out all the stops to ensure their most successful season to date.

We have introduced an indoor rowing squad for those that didnít make the novice squads selection but want to continue with the sport.

After a very busy month it is with great pleasure that we welcome all those who made selection into the club, we wish you the best of luck and a wait for an exciting season.