Men's Rowing

Novice Men

Novice Men's Captain: Alex Holland-Shanly

Novice Men's Coach: Philip Arshad

Anyone joining the Boat Club with limited or no experience of rowing will join as a novice. Emphasis will initially be on introducing you to the sport and demonstrating how to use an 'ergo' (ergometer, indoor rowing machine).

Soon you will be involved in a wide variety of fitness and strength training, including intensive use of the clubs rowing machines, running, swimming, weight training, and the infamous rowers' circuit training. Then, subject to a simple 50 metre swimming test, you will be taught the art of rowing on water - not as easy as you might think!

You may find that many of your friends in the rugby, football, netball clubs etc. are competing almost as often as they train. This is not the case at Warwick Rowing - rowing is an athletes sport and the ratio of training to racing is very high. But as you pull over the finish line half a length ahead of the other boat in your first race, exhausted after the most strenuous and exhilarating 2km of your life, all the training will seem worth it, and believe me, you'll want to train even more.

Previous experience and high levels of fitness are not required when novices join Warwick Rowing, more important is the need for people who are willing to train and push themselves to their limits, people who want to play a key role in a team representing our club and university in one of Britain's most successful and prestigious sports.

Warwick life can be hectic, all sorts of things will be going on, but if you are willing to give what time you can to UWBC, we will help you greatly improve your fitness and strength, teach you the art of rowing, incorporate you into the wonderful social side of UWBC and take you to some of the most rewarding and exhilarating events of your life - rowing races!

Alex Holland-Shanly
Novice Men's Captain