What happens when UWBC rowers graduate?

We would really like to know where the many people who used to row for the club now are and what they are up to...

We would love to hear about your experiences at the club including any particular memories you have of rowing at Warwick. We are sure that your accounts really will inspire our future athletes, as well as give them an indication of what it means to participate in a Warwick tradition that dates back quite a few years...

Andy Greenwell (1967-1970)
For a very interesting insight into the early days of the boat club click here

Gavin Reddin (1978-1983)
I was captain of the Rowing Club from 1979-83 winning Novice Sculls in Warwick Colours at Newark Regatta. After Warwick I rowed for Thames Rowing Club from 83-93 competing at Henley 10 times (mainly sculling) and winning 3 Bronze Medals at the National Rowing Championships and Representing England in 1985. My main memory of Rowing at Warwick was the 18(?) mile round trip cycle to the Barford Boat House! A contemporary of mine was Claire Parker who went on to win a Bronze Medal at the 1986 Commonwealth Games.

Adi Dolo (1995-1996)
I am Head of Rowing at Wycliffe Sculling Centre, coached for GB this year and have scullers from beginner to international level. Whilst at Warwick I was in a 4 that won every regatta we raced at apart from BUSA and Women’s Henley! We also went for an Easter training camp in Switzerland.

Simon Hughes (1995-1998)
Now working for Mr. Murdoch at BSykB in West London. When I'm not selling satellite TV I can be found in the environs of Clapham Junction where I live with the very lovely Gemma. (Sort of) rowing with Twickenham at the moment after my monumental victories with XUWBC at Burton - how long this will last is a different matter. Well up for the eights head....

Nick Ablitt (1996-1999)
I've just completed a PhD at Imperial College and will be getting a job soon (possibly). Since leaving Warwick I've done quite a bit of rowing and coaching and generally spending time on the river. Obviously my most memorbale moment was Novice 4+ at Bedford Regatta where me, Piombellend, Dan and Dildo saw away all comers to win our very first shiny pot. Apart from that there's the less well remembered Man oar Man where I somehow ended up naked (unfortunately not such an unusual occurence). Still in touch with a lot of the people from back in the day. I think my biggest claim to fame from the club is that I was there before Ken.

Dan Blakey (1996-1999)
I'm still working for my DPhil at Oxford (posh name for a PhD) and am trying for the 4th year running to win blades in the bumping races with with college, St Catz. Just one more go... I'm planning to get a real job after I've finished rather than carry on with the academic research malarchy. I married Rachael, whom I met at Warwick, in April 2003 and we're living in Bicester. Memorable occassions? The legendary Marky B streak around the Airport wearing very little except a foam moose hat. Being tied to a pillar with Matt the python Steele in Cholo. My 21st birthday in Banyoles where the curfew kept being pushed back and back and back... Plus the fantastic racing. The first one in Bristol where we hit the bank a couple of times (it was "Challenge" so we just bounced off), Will's seat came off, but we still manged to beat 10 other boats. Bedford regatta where Lee, Nick, Will, Ed and I managed to pop our collective rowing cherries. Exe"tour" racing in the pouring rain with the pie 8 and old men four to "novice" victory (again).

Liz Cater (1997-1998)
I'm working in film production in London, but haven't been near the cox's seat in years (don't think I'd fit into it now, to be fair!). I look out for UWBC results and any updates from Kendo that come my way and hopefully I'll catch up with everyone at the Ball, if not before.

Paul Merchant (1998-1999)
Now living in Exeter, the scene of my most humiliating defeat, where I'm working in water resources. I haven't sat in a boat for three years, and haven't shown my arse to members of the public for over five. Married a cox and own two cats. The most memorable bits of UWBC include: (1) Perfecting the art of the highly technical and potentially fatal 70mph drive-by moon. (2) Showing a hall full of disinterested Cambridge students what Warwick boys kept in their lycra, while drinking cocktails from a bucket. (3) Going pot-hunting in Exeter only to be beaten by a hastily assembled scratch crew who were our only competition. Still, the pots were crap.

Duncan Cooper (1998-2001)
Life at Warwick just wasn't stimulating enough so I decided to really push the boat out (excuse the pun) when I left, and quailfied as a chartered accountant with Deloitte - if anyone at the club is considering joining the firm, drop me an email and I'd be happy to give you my views. Am now working for GSK but spend most of my spare time punishing myself in the gym or on the water at Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC. Its a far cry from the salubrious facilities on the Avon and weights sessions just aren't the same with Alumni Messrs Carey and Solesbury - the Warwick weights room with the chicken carcass that is Kendo was inspiration indeed. If anyone is considering carrying on rowing in London after uni, and is interested in joining Mortlake give me a shout. We're always on the lookout for new people to join. As for memorable moments at the club - well the stand out classics are:

(1) Waking up in my room on training camp in Holme Pierrepont after a session in Media to find MPW had vomitted all over the bunk below him, and it was still dribbling down the wall, and Jamie G had made a concious decision in the middle of the night to jump off the bunk above me, walk across the room and thereafter p1ss all over Matt Grabham's trousers and shoes, before returning to our bunk - such a considerate action. Matt was more upset that someone had 'washed' his trousers than anything else. They hadn't seen Persil since the date of acquisition.

(2) On the Matt G theme. Matt jumping out an eight near the road bridge in Barford, and trying to push a sheep from behind up the river bank and out of the river. His actions naturally looked less than innocent, and his shouts that the sheep had sustained some internal bleeding did little to convince us that he wasn't in actual fact going back to some distant Welsh roots.

(3) Watching Crackbar trying to hide a bike I had temporarily 'borrowed' in Leamington one night behind his back whilst being interviewed by the police - Urrrrrr what bike officer?

(4) Dan's 21st in Banyoles whereupon Andy our then coach came back steaming drunk. He decided to p*ss over every Spanish garden he could find and then addressed Kendo as a "suckin hunt" all evening. I think he meant something else but was unable to articulate it. Matt G was over the moon for pulling a Durham bird that evening, only to find out that the lycra he had swapped with her that evening was an XXL and buried him - nasty..............

(5) Getting thrown out of a Leam chippy for being a tad riotious to then find Ken a Tescos trolley at the top of the parade. What followed is not to be recommended. Ken was bundled in and set off at a ferocious pace down the High st. He crossed three sets of lights, one on red, and passed a police car waiting to cross, before wiping out on the floor, ripping the infamous Hilfiger jacket in several places and bleeding from several wounds. Ken has never been the same since.

As for the racing, the best without a doubt was a S2 8 at Met. Jarv had us off at mid 40s and we posted a quicker time than Isis to the first 500m. We went pop afterwards. Ken's kidney packed up and Leonardo started blowing kisses to the bank.

Guy Troup (1998-2002)
After Warwick I spent a year at PwC but decided the world of accountancy wasn't for me so worked at Monkton Combe School for a year, mainly as a rowing coach. I am currently doing a PGCE in modern foreign languages at the University of the West of England and am coaching rowing to juniors at Minerva Bath R.C. My most memorable moments at UWBC are BUSA 2000, Matt Grabham's laugh, Jan Sahner losing his hair tie, Sunday breakfast in Rootes, the 24 hour rowathon, the 10,000 m challenge, and the Banyoles training camps.

Leonardo Rocha Souza (1999-2000)
I am married with Luiza (some of you alumni remember her) and have a kid called Rafael. As to now I am working for the Brazilian Government, in the Ministry of Planning Economics Office. But I have an offer to teach at a University and have passed a competitive exam to the United Nations, so I don\'t know what will happen from now on. A memorable occasion was when we were coming back from a race in (London?) and mooned a school bus full of students (and a couple of smiling teachers). Detail: we were on the minibus with "University of Warwick" printed on the side, and towing the boat trailer, that is, all chances to be identified.