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Warwick Rowing's facilities rival many other British universities: one of the finest flagship eights in the country; a new boathouse, with ample room for expanding the fleet; a number of ergs and access to a room in the on-campus sports centre in which to use them; over three kilometers of virtually private river; and access to a gym and weights room on-campus.

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Warwick Rowing's fleet of boats has been greatly expanded and improved over the recent years, thanks in no small part to the hard work and dedication of the executive committee and coaches. Below is a brief summary of the Club's fleet.


UWK TBC Hudson, Terry Monnington:
The club took delivery of a 2012 Hudson Super Predator 8+ for the use of the Men's 1st VIII. The same shell has been used by the Canadian Men's VIII as well as the 2012 Cambridge blue boat. The Hudson was purchased after a fundraising effort that took place over the preceding few years.

UWK805 Janousek, James Chilcott: The club's first ever Women's 1st VIII boat was purchased during the reign of Ivan Indilo as President, costing £18,000. It was funded through a superb year of fundraising with the help of a grant from Warwick Sport. As well as this, there was financial support from the Warwick Graduate Boat Club. Without the help of their generous donations, the club would struggle to purchase much of it's new equipment so we are grateful for all the donations made. They raise these all important funds through generation donations from the Alumni to help support the clubs ambitions and growth. It was named James Chilcott in recognition of the many years of service James had dedicated to the club. James continues to be heavily involved in the Warwick Graduate Boat Club.

UWK802 Resolute, Commander Jackson: Also bought under Ralph de Kanter, the Resolute was bought for £11,500 from Abingdon school in May 2009. It was their J15 boat at the time but had previously been their 1st VIII boat when new. The Resolute was bought to provide the women's squad with a high quality boat, and is also used by the men's 2nd VIII. The Resolute was funded by a donation from the Warwick Graduate Boat Club, and proceeds from a one million meter erg.

UWK803 Eton, David Van de Linde: Bought under Tom Solesbury's captaincy in 2002 thanks to funding support from the university, and named after the university's Vice Chancellor of the time. Until 2010 the Eton held the record for highest Warwick University placing at the HoRR (85th in 2002)

UWK 804 Aylings, Angheloff: The Aylings was donated to the club by Robert Angheloff's parents in his memory. Robert was an active member of the boat club and was at Warwick between 1991 and 1995. He tragically passed away and his parents donated the boat to the club in 1996 as rowing had been such a big part of his life. The boat was named Angheloff at a ceremony outside the union and will always remain in the fleet in memory of Robert.


UWK401 Aylings, Paul: Bought under Tom Solesbury in 2002 from Durham University as part of that year's Henley Campaign. The crew went on to (reportedly) be the fastest qualifiers for the Prince Albert cup and made it to the second round where they lost to Harvard. The photo can be seen on the Sports Centre wall and represents the best performance Warwick Rowing has ever made at Henley.

UWK402 Eton, Sir David Hardy: The Eton was purchased to satisfy the club's ambitions of continual expansion of members, by increasing the number of seats. This four went on to win the Mens IM2 category at Nottingham City Regatta 2011, beating a number of high profile crews.

UWK403 Wudii, Terry Monnington: Obtained under Matthias Ederer's captaincy in 2003 from Oarsport (a Concept2 dealer) in return for running the British Indoor Rowing Championships that year, subsidised by a club fundraiser. The Wudii was named Terry Monnington in honour of the help and support Terry has given the club over the years as Director of Physical Education and Sport. Terry played a pivotal role in getting the boathouse rebuilt recently and his continuing support is greatly appreciated!


UWK201 Aylings, Banyoles: Obtained by Tom Wallis in 2008 from Molesey boat club for £1200, the Aylings was named in honour of the Searle brothers- who rowed at Molesey- and their cox Gary Herbert, for claiming gold in the coxed pairs on lake Banyoles in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

UWK202 Janousek: Bought from Molesy Boat Club at the same time as the Aylings Banyoles pair. It has recently undergone a refurbishment and is back into good working order.

UWK203 Janousek: The Club's third pair, recently having undergone a refurbishment.


UWK101 Aylings, Currently Unnamed: Obtained by Craig Jackson and Ed Allen in 2006, the Aylings single had been used by an ex-Brookes rower at GB trials. The Aylings single is currently unnamed; for more information on purchasing naming rights, please contact pr@Warwickrowing.org.uk

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Warwick Rowing currently has sixteen Concept 2 rowing machines located on a balcony, which the club has sole use of, overlooking a sports hall in the on-campus sports centre. Each year the older ergs are replaced, ensuring they are all in good condition. The Club also owns a brand new Concept 2 Dynamic Ergo.

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Warwick Rowing's previous boathouse, with a leaky roof and insufficient racking space, was in dire need of replacing. The new boathouse was rebuilt in the 2009-10 academic year and features racking space for the entire fleet (and a few years of expansion), space to securely store the two launches, two changing rooms and even a waterproof roof!

Click here for photos of the boathouse rebuild.

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Warwick Rowing train on a 3km stretch of the river Avon in the Warwickshire countryside. Having a weir at either end of this stretch means that it is used, for the vast majority of the year, solely by Warwick Rowing. A 2km course is marked at 500m intervals and a stretch of the river suitable for side-by-side racing hosts the annual Barford International Invitational Regatta, which sees current members compete against members of Warwick Graduate Boat Club.

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